Employment Opportunities: Sheet Metal Workers-Siders/Deckers

Employment Opportunities: Sheet Metal Workers - Siders/Deckers

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The Nuts & Bolts

At the top right hand side there is the menu. Click on the “Apply for Employment” and then wait for the next page to arrive. You’re on your way.

You will click on the trade sector that applies to you. An application form, which we will warn you, will take a few minutes to fill out and you will need to have your licenses and other certifications ready, but it is worth it. The more information you can provide to us the easier and more accurate your placement and employment can begin.

You can also save your progress if you have to stop while completing the form and continue later on.

The demand for skilled trades in Ontario and across Canada has been increasing exponentially. We encourage those who are qualified for the aforementioned trade skills to apply. Shortages of skilled trades have hit a high. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to get you on the job!

We have sector representatives ready to speak to you with answers to all your questions.

We encourage all qualified and skilled workers to fill out an application form to expedite the process and speed up your getting back to work. We also realise filling out forms online isn’t for everyone.

If you would rather fill out the application forms later and just give us a call to learn more then please feel free. You can find our email and contact information (phone) at the bottom of the page at any time.